It’s agile again…known or familiar for most, some people live it, some people use it as the four-letter-word….So why do we highlight it as one of our focus areas? Why do we collaborate and publish articles on the topic?

Because no matter what we call it, we believe that agile approach or mindset will create more human, smoothly running organizations, which can adjust to the complexity of our world. We offer genuine understanding in the topic, so beware! It’s more than just a methodology.

Who we are


I am a psychologist and an economist working with organizations for 15 years and researching agile for three years. There’s nothing new under the sun, still, agile is more novel and the call for it is louder than before. Many crave a workplace where creativity, free thinking, partnership, and fairness are the basis of everyday operation. Agile values and mindset help you build such organizational culture. The methodology is solely the cherry on top of the cake.

Zoltán Karaba

I’m an economist and IT expert. I am also a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, Certified Kanban Coach, Prince2 Practitioner, and PMI Project Management Professional. I’ve been working for multinational companies in various fields and at various managerial levels for 20 years. I know how they operate, I know their problems, I know what they would like to achieve. That’s what I can and want to help them with.

Miklós Vargyas

I come from the world of IT just like agile development and I have already moved beyond that field, just like agile development. I still get the language of IT (a remnant of 25 years of software development and being a programmer mathematician) but I am constantly learning other fields (for the past 10 years, since I got the agile bug), as agile thinking and working spreads to other fields. I love giving. Everything I know, I’m happy to share. I love giving. Attention, compassionate listening. Support, encouragement for the first steps. Guidelines for the rest.