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We have refined our operations based on the experience of past years, we have conserved values and abandoned unnecessary directions.

Our philosophy

AWEN and its meaning

The ancient Celtic symbol appearing in our logo means flowing, mutual inspiration, and continuous learning during cooperation. The trinity means body, mind, and soul in a human and the circle symbolizes cyclical repetition.
The message it conveys is being brave in learning, daring to try, and being open to drawing consequences. The paths of our lives meet, while searching for our own inspiration and goals, in understanding, awakening, and recognition. This is the essence for which it is worth embarking on a journey.

In our focus

Agile in-Depth

The goal of our agile team is to ensure that the agile method creates value for the organization and the people working there. We believe that this way of thinking and operation can create a more human, efficient, and modern working environment.

New Organization DNA

Organizational culture (purpose, basic principles, goals) which supports and is supported by processes and methodologies. Purpose – a higher goal or mission – is inner inspiration which charges us with energy and carries us towards something. This growing common denominator is the one that creates a new foundation for cooperation.

in-Depth STAGE®

We are experts of improvisation, playback theatre, psychodrama, drama pedagogy, and organization constellation. Our methodology has been developed using the above genres throughout the years.
Dramatic methodologies turn learning into an experience, deepen group processes, and ensure a more comprehensive understanding of certain topics.